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The lavish book explores the great artist’s sketches, poems, doodles, and other paper “works”

Wesleyan’s gamelan ensemble helps west meet east in review of Harrison’s works

Philosophy chair raises concerns over use of chimpanzees for medical experiments

Historically-based feature films can inspire, but audiences beware: these are not documentaries

A candid memoir of phobias, autism and separated twins hits all the right notes

Federal races had most negative ads in decades, but researchers say this isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Mismanagement has steered aid to foreign companies, NGOs instead of helping Haitian help themselves

Andrew Robinson’s book “Sudden Genius?” looks at breakthroughs in the arts and sciences

This epic account of the fur trade in the Americas is an enjoyable, complex study of this industry

Co-author of ‘Islamophobia’ says many news media outlets continue to equate Islam with extremism

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