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The Wesleyan Media Project: interest groups, dark money, play a growing role in campaign advertising

Weil reviews two new books exploring the latest research on animal minds and emotions

President Roth reviews a new book by Jim Holt that takes on one of the biggest questions

Prof. Chernoff says the popular engineered “GloFish” could mix with natural stocks, threatening ecosystems

The Wesleyan Media Project director says political advertising “matters at the margins.”

While not for everyone, the 3-year option offers the same rigorous academic standards at a lower cost

Wesleyan President Michael S. Roth reviews a new memoir by renowned filmmaker Claude Lanzmann

The President uses Wesleyan Media Project study for a campaign ad, but did he manipulate the data?

Students worked with local providers and Bon Appetit to expand the quality and quantity of choices

“No actress ever had a more difficult job in getting critics to accept her onscreen,” Basinger says

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