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A BA in Three Years

Accelerated degree option helps students save money, get a jump start on grad school or career

Loui discusses her research on how music gives us the chills

Wesleyan’s unique brownstone architecture, and a grad student’s thesis, is featured in this special

Yohe is co-author of IPCC report on the consequences of climate change being felt around the world

Donnie Cimino ’15 is featured for his standout performance in baseball and football

Firshein writes: “With this constant assault, one might wonder how it is possible we survived for so long”

Weiner ’87 discusses the characters, plot lines, and real-life drama that inspires the hit show

Learning about wine can make the drinking experience “rewarding and, occasionally, even profound”

Asking the big questions is a deeply human desire

Boylan ’80 says the problems with the test are well known. It measures memorization, not intelligence

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