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President Roth reviews a new book by Jim Holt that takes on one of the biggest questions

President Michael Roth hopes Wesleyan’s new online courses will shed light on how people learn

Roth: Wesleyan is committed to meeting students’ full need, though its economic model must change

Roth made the case for a liberal arts education, and discussed Wesleyan’s new business model

President Roth says calls for narrowly focused education are not new – but they’re still wrong

Wesleyan’s 3-year path provides savings, a chance to move forward more quickly or both

The piece extols the new option and says universities must seek out similar ways to become more productive

The three-year path gives students a lower-cost option to earn a Wesleyan degree

While not for everyone, the 3-year option will save students money while providing the same academic rigor

While not for everyone, the 3-year option offers the same rigorous academic standards at a lower cost

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