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President Roth writes on the value of a pragmatic liberal education following the release of his new book

Your college education should prepare you to thrive by creating habits of mind and spirit

In this op-ed, Roth stresses the crucial role colleges can play in addressing economic inequality in society

Surveying students, best practices for video, and what MOOCs mean for the future of residential education

Why Teach?

President Roth reviews a new book on the transformative power of great teaching

Can the Humanities Be Saved?

President Roth replies with skepticism to those who bemoan the death of the humanities

President Roth discusses online education, the future of liberal arts, and Wesleyan’s three-year option

President Roth: MOOCs offer “a powerful mode of learning that is already enriching millions of lives”

My Experience Teaching a MOOC

President Roth reflects on teaching “The Modern and the Postmodern” as a massive open online course

Roth: Diversity on college campuses is a “powerful hedge against the ‘rationalized conformity’ of groupthink”

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