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Category Archive for 'Faculty'

Yohe is vice chair of the National Climate Assessment Development and Advisory Committee

Gruen’s new book on the treatment of animals in captive settings is reviewed

The Wesleyan Media Project: interest groups, dark money, play a growing role in campaign advertising

Composer Trask ’89 discusses how much times have changed since the cult classic first premiered

Gottschalk: Shootings in Kansas are part of an American legacy of religious intolerance

The Review celebrates Braxton’s career on the “fringes” of jazz, looks forward to his opera-in-progress, Trillium

Ukrainian Lessons

Rutland exposes four bits of conventional wisdom about Ukraine that Western media have gotten wrong

Loui discusses her research on how music gives us the chills

Yohe is co-author of IPCC report on the consequences of climate change being felt around the world

Firshein writes: “With this constant assault, one might wonder how it is possible we survived for so long”

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