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Maggio runs the alternative currency program, intended to promote commerce within the Berkshires region

Happier is a place to “celebrate and share the small moments of happiness in life”

Running legends Amby Burfoot ’68, Bill Rodgers ’70 return to campus for race

Class secretary Lloyd Buzzell ’68 reflects on lessons learned from his recent 45th Wesleyan reunion

Miranda ’02, Kail ’99 wrote the closing wrap-up rap together during the telecast

Chanoff ’94, founder of group that resettles African refugees in danger, discusses Sudan’s “Lost Boys”

Nonfiction author Hoffman wins major writing prize.

Odede ’12 and Posner ’09 founded and operate tuition-free school for girls, health center in Nairobi slum

“Do it for Alex” became a rallying cry for Obama campaign workers remembering their friend Alex Okrent ’05.

Odede ’12 and Posner ’09 run a girls’ school, clinic, water and sanitation program in a Nairobi slum

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