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Jennifer Curran says 45 students have registered for classes during January break

Due to the predicted storm, Wesleyan is extending the closing for housing until Monday noon.

Recent graduates and older folks alike can find something in GLS.

Wesleyan’s Center for Community Partnerships gives back at Thanksgiving.

A $400,000 award will support innovation at the CFA.

Former Dean of Admissions Hoy ’55 set Wesleyan on course for equal access and racial diversity

Wesleyan’s 3-year path provides savings, a chance to move forward more quickly or both

The piece extols the new option and says universities must seek out similar ways to become more productive

The three-year path gives students a lower-cost option to earn a Wesleyan degree

While not for everyone, the 3-year option will save students money while providing the same academic rigor

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