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Composer Trask ’89 discusses how much times have changed since the cult classic first premiered

Bill Belichick ’75, head coach of the Patriots, “remains deeply appreciative of his Wesleyan past.”

Szegedy-Maszak participates in a video discussion about online learning

Grossman: Replace Libor with a transparent, fair, market-based alternative

Miranda ’02, Kail ’99 wrote the closing wrap-up rap together during the telecast

President Roth: MOOCs offer “a powerful mode of learning that is already enriching millions of lives”

The Story Until Now

WSJ Review: Kit Reed’s collection of stories from her 50-year career is “the opposite of formula fiction”

Basinger “brilliantly demonstrates Hollywood’s abiding ambivalence” about marriage

Book by costume designer Landis shows that costume sketches are about much more than clothes

“Hollywood Enigma” teaches us to appreciate an actor whose standing in Hollywood should be reassessed

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